Sunday, March 1, 2009

West Coaster

The big West Coast show is almost here, and as always, it's a bit out of my range to attend. But it should be awesome. Reading TSSD's page, I saw that they were going to have "test shots" of their new set there, and that they should be available by April 1st. Awesome. I haven't seen any indication of what the set might be, but one can assume that it will be well worth the price of admission.

Those of you that take awesome pictures of your toy soldiers... I appreciate your skill. My pictures come out blurry and just plain awful. I'm thinking I need a tripod to steady my hand. And some sort of lighting besides the ole' ceiling fan light. Anyway, was playing with my Spartans again last night.


Terence said...

Why are the conte spartans so expensive?Why can't they be the price of armies in plastic. Where can I find them cheap. Anyway cool pictures of the spartans. When ever I have a battle its on my dinningroom table. I don't think my wife has a problem with it. Take care, Terence

Anonymous said...

The complexity of the Spartans means their price is way above that of normal figures. AIP are cheap but they look cheap too. They are the only ones I never think of getting. It's a shame because he covers some really interesting periods. Again, he can
afford this because his figures are of lower quality. Larso

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Larso, you get what you pay for. Conte's figures are much better qualiy and like L, I don't buy AIP. I have learned that with Conte it pays not to be the first kid on the block to buy his stuff. I went out and paid about $20 a box for the silver and bronze Spartans on his pre-order price which still ended up costing me about $200 a set; I picked up a set of reds for about $190; now they are on sale on ebay for $149!

I don't think I'll make that mistake again. Wayne, the OldAllAmerican from Alabama

Beau said...

They are more complex. For example, the spartan I'm looking at right now has 11 different parts that had to be molded and assembled. Base, lower half, upper torso, 2 arms, head, helmet, horse hair, shield, sword, and scabbard. AIP figures are just one piece. That is why the price is so different.

But in defense of AIP, I believe they are making plastic figures in the tradition of the old lead figures... at least that was what I had always heard. I tend to enjoy some AIP, such as their WWI, FFL, and some of their Civil War figures.

As far as finding cheap spartans... I reckon at shows they'll start to show up for $2 each, maybe less if someone is trying to unload them. I'll probably be looking for some Bronze at some point, but not a whole case worth.