Sunday, March 15, 2009

Conte "Scotland the Brave" set at TSSD

This is very cool. I haven't seen many pictures or ever knew much about this set, besides the fact that it was a very early set by Mr. Conte, and that the figures were done in resin. TSSD has a supersized version for sale at their site. For you deep pocketed collectors, might just be the thing you're looking for.

Rock on!


mkutnick said...

Beau, I also have both sets. I bought them from a collector friend of mine at OTSN a couple of years ago. The figures are in resin, about 60mm in size. Some of the Afghans are very fragile,definitly for show not"go".
Mike Kutnick
See you at Indy?

Beau said...

I'll definitley be at Indy. Wouldn't miss it. I don't know if I'll have any money to spend, but I'll be there!

I didn't realize those figures were 60mm, but I had heard before that they were Very fragile. Still, would be nice to see all set up!