Monday, March 30, 2009

Indy Show

The Indianapolis Toy Soldier was yesterday and I was able to attend and take some pictures, though not as many as I should have. I did see Jim, the photographer for the Indy page for Playset Magazine, taking lots of pictures, so be sure to check out that site for more photos.

I did take some pictures of Ron Barzso's display table and the new foam Blockhouse that is now available to go along with his new fort. It is an excellent piece. I probably should have gotten two of them. They even give you the option to name your fort by custom carving your name onto a plaque that fits onto the front of the Fort. "Fort Beau". Hmmm... sounds French.

There were several cool items at the show, and several familiar faces. They even opened up an extra room to accomodate some extra vendors. Not sure if there were actually more vendors, or the extra room simply allowed them to spread out a bit more. It did seem as though the crowds were down a bit, but I was not there the whole time, so I probably didn't have a good feel for it.

I spent most of my time rummaging through the 50 cent and dollar buckets as usual looking for odd or unusual pieces, or simply poses to finish out collections. I came home with about 60 Marx Knights that I truly didn't need, and some reverse colored marx Yankees. As always it was a fun show, and as always, I managed to spend all my money.

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Anonymous said...

"Fort Beau" sounds OK for you,believe you've said you live in Ohio which used to be part of New France eh.