Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Indianapolis Show, 2009

We're getting closer to the Indianapolis Show. As posted on the Hobby Bunker forum, here is a link to see pictures from past shows and a vendor list for this year. The show is always a lot of fun, and Mr. Barzso's display is always fantastic. No indication that there will be "new" product there, but you never know. I can't make it to the Saturday room trading because of a prior commitment (I'm going to have paintballs shot at me), but I'm sure that whatever cash I save myself because of missing the room trading, I'll spend at the Sunday show.

Yes, paintball. I've played before. Several years ago. It was 4 hours of lying prone on the ground cursing the fogged mask that obscured my vision. I managed to never get hit by getting lost and wandering off the battlefield. Not only did I not get hit, I never even fired a shot!!! Hopefully this weekend I'll fare a bit better. So if I show up at the show on Sunday, obviously sore, you'll know why.

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