Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TSSD Indians and Plains Wars figures

Nick has posted that he's going to be putting a page on his site devoted to the new Plains Wars series they are undertaking. There are some pictures of the Indians over at the Treefrog Treasures website forum as well. They look awesome, which doesn't surprise me.

One nice aspect of this set, at least in my opinion, is that there are only six figures. Now I know that in this hobby, less is less and more is more, but in these tough economic times, and jobs are becoming a real issue for folks, putting out these smaller sets will help people be able to afford their favorite toys. Prices haven't been announced yet, but with prices going up all over the place, I'd assume that the $20 per bag of 16 figures is a thing of the past. Now if you are like me, $20 has always been a serious chunk, and laying down more than that really tears at your insides. Again, I'm not sure what Nick's prices are going to be, but personally, I'll gladly take these smaller sets at a more affordable prices.

Looking foward to seeing what the Plains War playset is going to look like!


Anonymous said...

Where do you see pics of TSSD Plains Indians at Treefrog,all I'm getting are the Woodlands?

Beau said...

In the top section of the forums, look under the heading "More Manufacturers". should be there with a heading called West Coaster - TSSD, or something similar.

Beau said...

Errr... I don't know what I was looking at last night, but that was the wrong section. Try here http://www.treefrogtreasures.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12754


Anonymous said...

OK,I found'em

Col.Pickle said...

I agree that anything more than $20 really makes me cringe. I love this hobby but its hard to justify spending alot on it.