Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Info for The Plains Wars

Check out TSSD's latest offering here. I'm really digging how they are presenting this. You can tell, simply from the page and the bits of history given, that they are excited about this range, and in turn that gets me excited.

For me, unless I am intriqued by the history of it, I usually can't get excited about the figures. Take Napoleonics for example. I've never done much studying on the era. I'm sure if I would, the history would get to me and I would start buying figures left and right. But as it is, I'm fairly "meh" on the subject.

The old west has always been a little off my radar as well, but a simple "teaser" page like what TSSD put up is enough to get me started. I find myself doing an Internet search on Kit Carson and Santanta, reading up on the different Native American tribes, figuring out how Native Americans waged war against each other, and how they fought the U.S. army. And once I'm that far into, it's becomes a certainty that the Toy Soldiers are going to find a place in my collection.

So rock on to TSSD, and I'm hoping this range proves to be lucrative for them. And thanks again for lowering the price point to $16!! How awesome is that?

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John Mooney said...

I am not a big fan of TSSD.
Although the design is quite good, they always seem very much bigger than Airfix, Timpo, Imex, HaT etc.
My local dealer says the Civil War figs are not selling well on this side of the Atlantic.
I think he has blister packs at around £16 which really puts them into "luxury" items.