Thursday, April 2, 2009

The real reason the South lasted 4 years.

Finally got a chance to really put together my Barzso Fort. Used some Civil War soldiers because, hey, they're my favorite. Had it all set up, and then of course someone had to come check it all out. Not sure if she was invading the fort or simply guarding it. Regardless, she was the cause of casualties on both sides.
I can't say enough good things about this fort system. This is like the new Fort Apache. Can't wait to throw in some TSSD Indians. Hey, did ya hear that TSSD will be releasing their new cav sets in gray? Awesome for us that don't mind figures doing a little double duty through time.
I think we are about set for the Texas Show coming at the end of May. We found some great deals on rooms through some travel websites. We actually found some rooms at the Menger Hotel (site of the show) for way below normal cost. You just got to keep checking the sites and wait for them to run specials and what-not. As I've said before, my wife seems to be able to find the deal of the century on almost a weekly basis.
Hey, have you heard that the Menger is supposed to be haunted? Rock on. I ain't never seen a ghost, nor heard a ghost, nor seen a Ghust Hunters episode that I thought was believable... but hey, I've got an open mind.


mkutnick said...

Beau, good to see you at Indy. We willalso be in Texas. A seller I met last year, Gary Beadel also told mer the Menger is haunted.In fact he said he had two "encounters" in the Menger which he'll tell me about when we meet up at the shpow.
Mike K

tom said...

Nice setup. That over the gate blockhouse makes me wish I'd started on that for when it first came out.