Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Classic

Sometimes you just can't beat a classic. These Airfix Cav figures are some of the best figures ever done. Can't wait to throw them up against some TSSD Indians.

I'll be gone this weekend to a reenactment in North Vernon, IN. It's a small little town where Morgan's Raiders came through during the Civil War. It's also where I met my wife, so, it has two signifigant historical happenings. Rock on, and enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

Yes they're great but though they work quite well with the Imex Union troops they're just a little too small for most other figs. I think they're more 1/35 - I wonder why they're smaller than the usual Airfix figs - so the horses didn't have to be too big?


Beau said...

The idea about the horses may be spot on! I always thought these were a touch small too. Their weapons especially are very thin and insubstantial. It probably had a lot to do with the individual sculptor. But the action and fluidity of these figures still causes me to throw em' into a great many battles.

John Mooney said...

The rifles are very "thin".
The Airfix "saddles" dont really work well for me.
The Imex sets (horses) are much better.