Saturday, April 11, 2009

Survey Results, Pt. 4

Happy Saturday! Thanks to all who submitted answers to the survey. Here are a few more of what people submitted.

WARSMACKER wants more ANCIENTS, and like a couple others, their dreamset would be TROY.

An unsigned entry needs more MODERN figures, and their perfect set would be 55 DAYS AT PEKING.

George always need more CIVIL WAR, and his dream set would be FORT FISHER: ARMY, NAVY, MARINES, AND A FORT. ALL IN ONE SET!

Another unsigned entry wants some more WWII figures, and their perfect set would be the BATTLE OF BERLIN.

MARK wants some more ALAMO figures, and his perfect set would be, of course, the ALAMO.

And one more, for those a different persuasion, JOHN wants to see some STREET FIGHTER figures, and his perfect playset would be ALL MY FAVORITE VIDEO GAMES CHARACTER EVER FIGHTING. ALL STREET FIGHTER, GEARS OF WAR, GOD OF WAR, HALO, MARIO, SONIC, AND LINK. I MAY HAVE MISSED A FEW. Thanks John, and good talking to you yesterday!

All right, it's a bright sunny day out there, it's a saturday, and I have a date with the Half-Price Books. Got my 15% off coupon in my hand, and on the hunt for Osprey. Rock on ya'll, and have a good Easter weekend. And if you don't do Easter, then just have an all around rockin' weekend.

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