Saturday, February 28, 2009

Latest News... and the not so newsworthy

Bleck, it's been busy around here, but I did find time today to hit the local HobbyTown USA. They had the new Italeri Templar Knights for $25. I have a question... how do you pronounce Italeri??? The guy at the shop pronounced it like "Ed Leery". See, I asked him whether he had much demand for 1/32 figures, and he said besides "Ed Leery", they don't carry much. I was like "what's this new brand "Ed Leery" you speak of?" It was Italeri. Not the way I usually pronounce it. But after thinking about it, I have no idea how it's said. The way I say it is like this: The first part is the same as "Ital"ian, and the second part sounds like "Hurry" without the H. Italeri. I don't know, I could be wrong. Probably am actually. Not that this is all the crucial. Just something to think about on a boring Saturday.

Hey, did you see that new stuff on the Conte site? I'm not much into the metals of course, but could those FFL figures be coming in plastic?? And is one of them left-handed??? An expansion of their FFL line would be awesome, but I hope it's not at the expense of Plastic Immortals, or even plastic Romans which he mentions in the FAQ section of the page. Whatever is next for Conte, I'm sure it will be awesome.


Col.Pickle said...

LOL, I always thought I was the only one who couldn't pronounce it... Always thought it was " It-all-errie".

John Mooney said...

Knights Templar
I tend to call it
"It-all-errie" as well. No idea if I am right.
Even allowing for the exchange rate $25 seems high. I think £10.50 locally.
I am not sure why they issued them as they seem too similar to the Crusaders set.