Saturday, February 21, 2009

Planning our Invasion of Texas

My wife and I were planning our trip to the Texas Show this morning. I think we'll probably arrive on Thursday, do a bit of sight-seeing for a couple days, and then enjoy both days of the show on Saturday and Sunday. I've never been to Texas before, and am excited to see the Alamo, or whats left of it. I think we are staying at the Hotel Contessa... I think. We've changed our minds a few times trying to look for a nice place, plus a nice price as well. I figure each dollar I can save on the room is more dollars I can spend at the show.

I haven't heard whether we'll see anything new at the show or not. I'd always love to see something pop up, but really, I'm so behind on new releases over the past couple of years, it would do me good to focus on filling some holes rather than picking up new stuff.


Anonymous said...

My wife and I intend to be there as well. Maybe we'll see you there. Wayne Wood, the Old All American!

Beau said...

Hey Wayne,

Hopefully we'll run into each other.

Don't know much about the night life in the area, but Stephanie and I are going to do some major exploring when we're not elbow deep in plastic figures.

Anonymous said...

The riverwalk is awesome, you won't have to look or wander far to find something to get into and the Menger's right down town, cross the street and you're on the river. Great place, 'been wanting to go back since the first show. If you get a chance, hop a ride and head west on Hwy 80 to Brackettville and John Wayne's Alamo, it's about two hours but it's a great ride and worth the trip. Wayne