Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pop Culture Toy Soldier Sighting!!

So, everytime I see a toy soldier in an everyday setting, like a tv show or a movie, I get so excited, and then I realize that I'm the ONLY person around me that has any interest in Toy Soldiers, and I have to reign it in before I look like a total tool. meh.

Anyway, PC Gamer magazine, in it's current issue, uses some toy soldiers as the main image for their "Co-Op" article. The article was just so-so, because Co-Op gaming is pretty boring. Why would you want to WORK with someone, when you just just SHOOT them instead. Obviously the writer has never experienced the unparalled joy of ruining someone's night in Call of Duty 4.

Uhhh, wait, did you come here expecting real toy soldier news??? HA. er... I don't really have anything else. I'm mostly waiting for news of the Conte Spartans, and biding my time till the Indianapolis Show, which I attend every year. Gonna get me some Barzso stuff. I'm not sure what yet. Either the Big Castle, and then buy a few figures separately, or buy the actual playset, and simply fawn over the huge castle without actually buying it. Getting both would be a severe misappropriation of my funds (translated as my wife would kill me). Actually, that's not true. My wife wouldn't kill me. Of all the toy soldiers out there, all the different brands, she likes the Barzso figures and playsets the most. I think it was the Tripoli set that did it for her. She liked the bright colors and what-not.

Oh, hey, anybody got the new Italeri WWII arty pieces yet? I see they are selling them in Europe already. Was looking for reviews, thoughts, whatever.

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