Sunday, February 17, 2008


TSSD shows on their website that Italeri has released some plans for 2008. It shows an ambitious lineup including Templar Knights, Arabs, Two sets of Napoleonic Infantry, Napoleonics Cav, and a Napoleonic Supply Wagon. Right off the bat, the Templar Knights and Arabs sound really interesting. I'll be curious as to how they turn out.

I'll be honest and say that their latest WWII offerings left a bit to be desired. The poses were less than dynamic, and the size was a bit too small to fit in with other figures. But, in this hobby, more is better, in whatever form it comes. I have not gotten the two new sets of Napoleonics that are out now. Mostly because of price. $22 is a lot to spend on 16 figures in 8 poses. I understand that these are coming from overseas, but still, you have to choose wisely what you spend your hard earned money on. I think I'm hitting the Hobbytown USA today. Hopefully they'll have an already opened box of either the British or Mamelukes that I can take a proper look at.

I am curious about their upcoming WWII Heavy Weapon sets (German and Russian). Will they come with a crew, or will they simply be the field pieces. If they do, I think it may be the first Russian crew members... ever. Rock on. If anybody knows, please pass along the info. Release date has been fluctuating on these. The website simply says "next month".


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Hey Thanks! Good to Know. And those figures look like they are going to be awesome. Rock on.