Sunday, February 3, 2008

Upcoming Release Dates

According to TSSD, we are looking at a possible March release date for the Pegasus Russian Navy figures. From what I saw of the samples, they should be an excellent addition to your WWII range. They'll be issued in blue... good choice in my opinion.

Also reported is that April will bring the new Steve Weston Mexican Bandits. I LOVE the light blue color they are using. The poses look fun, and the detail looks like it might be a touch crisper than it was on the Gunfighters.

We're all holding our breath for an announcement on the Conte Spartans... According to the various posts on their website, I reckon it could be anyday. I'm gonna go so broke.

Still waiting on the arrival of the 21st Century Chinese Infantry figures to my local Wal-Mart. Who knows when that will be.

Hat is putting together a few new sets of ancients in 1/32. Good for them to be back in the 1/32 market! I haven't seen a release date.

Waterloo is bringing out some Prussians. I've seen a few release dates posted for these, so I suppose they are simply up in the air.

And Imex will one day release their Alamo Mexicans... someday... maybe.

Did I miss anything? Meh, don't think about it too hard. Go enjoy the Superbowl Today. As a Colts fan, I guess I have to go with the Giants. So, without any enthusiasm, Go Giants!

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jac28 said...


I can tell you generally, that Barzso will be coming out with some add-ons for his castle and English village. Not sure what will be released until the original sculpts are sent to the molder for costing and if there's any issues with production of said pieces, etc.