Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I find this stuff amazingly interesting. Dealing with details is always something I enjoy, and you may not care a bit for this, but thought I would pass it along anyway. What follows are some Keywords that people have typed in that brought them to this site. Here we go...

THE MOST POPULAR - "Plastic Battalion" boring..., so let's look at the second most popular.

THE SECOND MOST POPULAR - "Emhar" Emhar??? Why Emhar? Nothing against the company, but I just didn't expect it to be searched so much. Maybe it's a fluke. My stats only go back so far.

HOTTEST CURRENTLY - "Blackcat Miniatures" Obviously people are into the new plastic Napoleonics being put out by this company. Can't wait to see them up close.

ANOTHER CURRENTLY HOT TOPIC - "Italeri Templar Knights" Actually, there have been lots of searches for all the new Italeri 2008 releases. This one just seems to be the most popular.

BIGGEST SURPRISE - "Waterloo Japanese" These are probably people looking for information on the 1/72 sets. I just didn't think there would be so much interest in this company. I guess I shouldn't underestimate the 1/72 fan base.

ODDEST - "How to make a toy soldier hat" Ok, ok, wait a second. What is a toy soldier hat? Is it a hat FOR toy soldiers, or is it a hat that says "Hey, I like toy soldiers!". Either way, I probably need one.

OH OH, I KNOW WHAT YOUR LOOKING FOR! - "Mundane toy that involved sticking plastic pieces on scenes" If I had to guess, they were probably remembering Colorforms. I had a G.I. Joe Colorform set back in the 80's, and my wife still has a Smurfs Colorform set.

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