Friday, March 21, 2008

McFarlane 3 inch figures

What the hay, I'll give em' a shot. A post over at the Hobby Bunker forum alerted me to these 3 inch figures from McFarlane Toys. 3 inches, eh? Hmmm... Probably won't fit with other 1/32 figures, but by themselves, they will probably look pretty cool lined up on a shelf. I don't know prices yet, but I'm going to hit a Toys R Us this weekend, and if the price is right, I'll pick me up a couple. Anything done even remotely close to 1/32 gets me excited.

I saw a ROCKIN' Forces of Valor tank at my local Meijer. I'm gonna snag it tonight. I'm not actually in love with the tank... I've got tanks, but it has a couple German figures that I want. So, I'll probably be spending $20 on a couple of figures and a tank that I'll never use. Yay me for attempting to stimulate the economy.

And how about some of the most horrible news you've ever heard. I CAN'T GO TO THE CHICAGO SHOW THIS YEAR!...... blarg. My wife's "not really her cousin, but she calls her a cousin anyway" is getting married that Saturday. See, I could run up there Saturday night, but by then, most of the dealers are looking to get ready for Sunday... and everybody knows the best times are had on days running up to the show... so is it worth it to only go for Saturday evening and the Sunday show? I mean, yeah, it is, but that's a long drive to miss out on the best parts of the show. This morning I was concocting a plan to somehow hire a body double to act like me, and go to the wedding in my place. I'd make sure it was someone who was just as socially impaired as I am, and who danced as poorly as I do... yes, yes. It's all coming together now. I'll make it to Chicago yet!!!

shameless plug for my band: We are now available on iTunes and from Indiana Best Buy stores. "Extraordinary how potent cheap music is."


jac28 said...

Beau - that drive from your place to Schaumburg is an easy one... I wouldn't discount the possibility of going up on Sat. Nite and going to the Sunday show.. Maybe it'll give you a new perspective on the show itself... Hope to see you there.. and I'll see you next weekend at Indy.


Anonymous said...

I've never been to a show but really want to... I can't go this year eihter.....