Monday, March 31, 2008

Indy Show, New Barzso stuff, and.... Schleich Smurfs

As always, the Indy show was a ton of fun. I enjoyed talking with several other collectors and meeting some new people. My wife, mom, and my dad all went with me, and each of them found something they needed. My dad is into the Britains Civil War figures, my mom found some TimMee animals that she used to have, and my wife found out that Schleich makes .... Smurfs. I have a feeling that our house will soon be invaded by those evil little blue creatures. I always sympathized with Gargamel.

My purchases included the new Inn that Ron Barzso brought with him, the smaller townhouse that goes with the castle, and a couple sets of his Civil War casualty figures. I also picked up a Plastic Underground figure, who belongs in the Alamo, but will probably find himself in Confederate ranks.

One new piece that really caught my eye was the Barzso river. They had some all painted up and set up with their castle display. Rivers have always been hard to do for non-diorama builders like myself, and these would really help a guy out. They sell unpainted for $20, and you can buy a couple different types to make any shaped river you need. It beats using a strip of old blue material that you stole out of your wife's sewing basket.

I'll try to post some pictures of the Barzso Inn either tonight or tomorrow. It really is a nice looking piece, and would work great in all sorts of European settings. It matches the style of the castle townhouse.

Rule #1 for toy soldier shows: If you see something that you want, and it only costs $1, I don't care what it is, GET IT. It WILL NOT be there when you go back.

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jac28 said...

Hey Beau - I spoke to Ron B. last nite and he had some good news regarding the river system... it looks like each section will now be available for $14.95 ea. unpainted, and $19.95 ea. painted..

Painted versions will not be kept in stock, but painted when an order is placed...

More info to come on Ron's website. We have the new Inn posted, but not the river sections yet.

Thx for your support of our work!