Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Box Art for 2008 Italeri releases

Here are some preivews of the 2008 Italeri releases. I always love their box art.


Anonymous said...

So the Templar knights will be mounted? Didn't Italeri already release 1/32 mounted crusaders and Saracens?

Beau said...

Yup, they sure did, though I don't have either of them. I'll tell ya, I was a bit disappointed that the Templars and Arabs were mounted. I would have rather seen infantry, just because it intrests me more, but anything being put out is nice.

I'd like to get all the Italeri sets, but their prices are always a bit high. I paid $22 per set for the recent Russian and German sets, and their other sets have similar prices. For me, there are still other things that I would rather get for that amount of money.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the prices of Italeri. Although I've been tempted to buy the WW2 Russians. I have the Esci, MPC, Airfix,TSSD and Marx Russians but from what I hear they are too small to go with TSSD. Looking forward to the Russian Naval set.
There is definately a shortage of good 1/32 Crusader era infantry. Most of all the average foot soldier type. King and Country did some of them in their Crusader sets.

Beau said...

The Italeri WWII Russians are a mixed bag. While the poses and sculpting isn't bad, they are fairly small compared to TSSD standards, but fit nicely with Marx, Airfix, and MPC. ESCI is the smallest of the bunch.

My biggest complaint with them, besides the cream color, are the "moon boots" that a couple of the figures wear. They just look wrong, and like they were a last minute add on. Also, a couple of the poses border on worthless, like the guy holding his smg up in the air, and the mortar guy.

I too am looking forward to the Pegasus Russians. The sculpting looks top notch.