Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weston Gunfighters, Father's Day

I read on TSSD this morning that they have gotten a large supply of the Weston Gunfighters. And they are in a new color: Marx Cream. Good choice, as they will now go with the old Marx Cowboys, if they match up in size. I'm still holding out on ordering them hoping that I can lay my hands on one of the Apache figures at the show in Chicago.

I hope ya'll all had a nice father's day, if in fact it applied to you in anyway. Me and my dad went out car shopping... er, he was shopping, I was just drooling. Mustangs, Jeeps, Harleys... I'll take one of each, thank you. Nah, we was just havin' some fun. My gift to him were three new Britain Civil War figures sculpted by Ken Osen that I bought at a reenactment earlier this year. My dad really liked them and will most likely set them up in his office with the painted Conte Civil War figures he has. He says that he'll walk into his office sometimes, and all his figures will be moved around in a new configuration. His coworkers seem to enjoy toy soldiers too.


paul gruendler said...

Did ya get the Western Westons at OTSN?

pylgrym said...

Did you get the Weston Westerners at OTSN?

Beau said...

Yup. I got the gunfighters in brown. I decided not to get the peasants yet. I was more interested in getting his buildings, but he didn't have any with him.