Tuesday, June 5, 2007

News from the Conte Site

Whats Up!!

Skim on over to the Conte site to read the latest offerings from Mr. Conte. I love his continuing FAQ section. It's insightful, interesting, and full of great teases! ROMANS!!! I give that a big "RAWK ON"! Meh, I'm getting ahead of myself. Stow the Romans for now, I need some Spartans! I believe it is mentioned somewhere in there that the Spartans and Immortals are still scheduled for an 07' release. Bring it.

He spends the final paragraphs talking about Toy Soldier forums. From reading what he wrote, it sounds as if there are a LOT more Toy Soldier forums out there than what I know about. I'm registered over at the Hobby Bunker forum (my favorite!!), and I skim through the Treefrog Treasures one. There is one that's called Sarge's Militaria Forum Board, though I haven't visited in awhile, and not sure how active it is (there is a link to it on the LINKS page). The Plastic Warrior Magazine has a forum, though the last time I checked, not much was posted. And then there is the forum that you can link to from the MichToy website for ONTC, but it focuses on metal figures. Oh, and then there is the HAT forum, but the few times I've rambled through it, it seems to be held firmly by the 1/72 guys. So I'm curious as to what these other forums are that talk about 1/32 figures. He did name the Marx Yahoo Group, and it's always got good information, but since I only read the new messages on the actual group page instead of through my email, I can never see the pictures that get attached. I don't know if this is normal or if I have a setting messed up somewhere.

Changing topics, I found a random toy soldier mention the other day. One of the premier Alt-Country bands on the scene today, Two Cow Garage, mentions toy soldiers in their song "Come Back To Shelby". The song can be found on their new album "III" and on their myspace page. Dude, they rock.

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