Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tim-Mee Fort West

We went out to some yard sales today. For the most part, nothing but junk. You know, cans of nails, beat up shoes, pink doors, toilets, ect. But I did manage to pick up a box playset from Tim-Mee called Fort West. It had the entire fort, a bunch of copied Airfix cowboys and Indians, and some fairly nice Tim-Mee horses with riders, both cowboys and Indians. Most of the accessories were missing, but it still had the hitching post and the watering trough, the cardboard teepee, and the cheapy green trees. I really like the fort. It fits together really well, unlike some other cheapo fort apache rip-offs I've gotten over the years. Much better than the new Marx version that came with MPC cavalry figures that was available a few years ago. That was junk, junk, junk. For $1.25, not a bad deal overall. I love yard sales.
Mrs. Mow Mow loves them too. She spent about 30 minutes in the box, and then decided to pose inside the fort when she saw the camera come out.


luis said...

Man, you are a lucky guy.... I have done my share of garage/yard sales and I have never come across any toy solder items (and believe me, I keep an eye out for them)... And for a buck 25, that's a nice find, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

fort apache's not all bad

Beau said...

The Original Fort Apache from the Origianl Marx company was of course a classic. I was unfortunate enough to buy a reproduced Ft. Apache from the company that bought the Marx name and a few molds. It was, besides the Marx Indians, junk. It didn't fit together, the cavalry were cheapo MPC guys, and the plastic used was awful. I do use some of the accessories that came with it though, so not a total loss.