Monday, June 25, 2007

New Italeri

I've been seeing some pictures of the newest Italeri figures popping up in a couple different places. They have a set of Mamelukes and Napoleonic British Infantry (The Green Jackets). Now, I've only seen pictures, but these look like some good poses. We'll have to wait and see what sort of scale we will end up with, but the poses look nice enough.

I love the sword bayonets used by the British Rifles. Their weapons look small, but I think they are supposed to, being a shortened style of rifle. The figures, as you probably know, are originaly from the 1/72 set, which had twice as many poses. For the most part, us 1/32 guys got most of the best poses. I would have liked to have seen the Officer figure included at the expense of the guy standing in an open stance or the marching figure, but oh well, can't win em' all.

The Mameluke set looks pretty awesome, and includes, if I'm seeing right, four different cavalry poses. Rock on. The figures have some awesome outfits on, and armed to the teeth. My only small complaint would be that I would have liked to have seen the other poses from the 1/72 set added in somehow. The trumpet blower and the standard bearer would look great in a setup, but in the end, I guess having more actual troopers is a better thing. I'd better stop before I start muttering nasty things under my breath about those lucky 1/72 guys.

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