Monday, June 25, 2007

Doritos X-Box 360 Chips

Well, they aren't really called X-Box 360 Chips, but that's what Stephanie called them, and it just kind of stuck. Anyway, you may or may not have seen them in the stores. Doritos in a black bag, a mystery flavor that you're supposed to taste and then think of a name for. Good concept, and of course we're all suckers to taste something mysterious that is named after letter-number combinations, so we bought some. Shortly after that, we tasted them. The best description can be found on yesterday's Penny Arcade site (second paragraph down, language warning for younger readers, or for those that don't find the occasional use of profanity Hi Larious.).

This post had nothing to do with Toy Soldiers, unless you count the fact that I bought a set of the FoV Pirates during the same shopping trip. Yea, they rock, but then ya'll probably already knew that since they've been out for awhile. I was a bit behind on getting them.


Rodrigo said...

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Beau said...

Agradecimentos para a mensagem. Você é um idiot.

hehehe. Babelfish rocks.