Friday, June 15, 2007

Barzso Alamo Accessories

Somebody help me out here. On the TSSD page, it says they picked up a few items from Ron Barzso at the Texas Show. The first item mentioned is a bagged set of Alamo Accessories #2. I don't think I've ever heard of such a bag of accessories. Is this something new he made especially for this show, a collection of old items cobbled together, or something that has been around forever that I just don't remember seeing before? And if it's set #2, where and what is set #1?


Anonymous said...

Hi Beau,

I believe both bagged Alamo accessory sets are a compilation of prvious parts. Many of the items were found in "The Battle of Churubusco" playset. I have set #1, which has the market stall and various pots, bowls, barrels, etc.


Anonymous said...

This makes sense. TSSD is now offering Alamo building(s). Nick and Ron are in 'partnership' of sorts, so repackaging accessories to support the TSSD production continues the process started with Road To Stalingrad.