Saturday, June 28, 2008

I never thought 300 was that many...

The whole point of the thing is that there were ONLY 300 Spartans. The Persians were like "300??? Pshaw. That ain't nuthin'!" Yea, well, 300 hundred ain't a whole lotta many to defend all of Greece, but when they cost around $3 each, 300 turns into an awful many.

You can check out the latest details on the Conte Spartans here. Looks like the date has been pushed back to August, and the price has been set at $24 per blister pack. And right now, you can only pre-order all nine cards (the freebie being a free 10th card). Also, if you have them on pre-order, they want you to make sure you confirm that order with them so they can charge a $30 deposit. Hmmmm.... never paid an upfront deposit for Toy Soldiers before, but hey, times they are a changin'.

The prices are high, the wait has been long, and buying all 9 cards at once is tough. If it were any other subject matter besides Spartans, I'd probably have balked by now. Well, that's not totally true. This just happens to be one historical era where I'll slap down the cash and only cringe on the inside. But when you consider that they are poseable, and the high quality of the figures, it all evens out in the end I think.

Of course, if you can't wait for the August release date, you can always get a couple on Ebay.

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Anonymous said...

i will get a couple but what i want is thier Persians! WTF