Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Rather Unique Subject

I was bumming around the Hat site, which is full of great stuff; a forum, a wiki, conversion ideas, and production pictures from all their upcoming sets. And whilst bumming, I saw on their 1/32 page plans to make a new set simply titled "Sacred Band". I have to admit, I had no idea what that was. I was assuming it would probably include some tubas or some cymbal crashers or something.

I was wrong. Now, I can't say for sure which "sacred band" they are referring to. There were several. Both Thebes and Carthage had one, along with more modern day Greeks. I'm assuming they are doing the Thebes "Sacred Band", since it has a bit more flashy history to it.

I hope I don't step on anybody's morality toes here, but I think Hat just went to the top of my list by doing this set. Quite frankly, homosexuality is still rather taboo in a lot of places. To create a set of figures that depicts a group of homosexual warriors is very forward thinking. This was a group of fighters that, when outnumbered, bested the warriors of Sparta at the battles of both Tegyra and Leuctra. Regardless of your moral stance, of which I have no concern, Hat's dedication to the truth of history proves that we are lucky to have them doing 1/32 again. Plus, it's going to be nice to have another army to throw against the new Conte Spartans.

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