Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gettysburg Trip

In a couple of weeks I'll be taking off in a van with a few other reenactors to do the Gettysburg Reenactment. On the way we plan to hit Antietam, Harper's Ferry, the Civil War Medical Museum, and of course the Gettysburg battlefield park. It's going to be an 7 day trip, camping the whole way. It's gonna be crazy fun and I'll try to take pictures.

I got some Conte pewter figures yesterday in the mail. They really are astounding and make for wonderful centerpieces for displays. The exact figures I got were the Confederate and Union flagbearers, and the trio of falling Union figures. I think I'm gonna go back and get some cannon and the two mounted figures, and maybe even some non-civil war poses. The one thing I worry about with them is that they are, to a certain degree, fragile. The flag poles and the bayonet tips, if bent on accident, feel like they could break off.

Also on my "to buy" list is the new scenics from Pegasus. The fences, stone walls, wooden boxes, and the River sections look awesome. I think I'll start with those.

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Jonathan said...

Beau, I stumbled on your blog about a month or so ago and just read the Gettysburg post. When you and your pards visit Harpers Ferry, you can ask after me (Jonathan); I'm a summer intern here.

I just finished the At High Tide event myself. I'm missing the official 145th, so I'm missing a chance to repulse Picket's Charge. Still, I got to portray Iron Brigade and 1st Minnesota.