Saturday, May 24, 2008

TSSD, Pegasus, and Black Cat

Got a package in the mail from TSSD yesterday. Inside were the new TSSD Germans, the new Pegasus Russians, and the fairly new Black Cat Napoleonics.

The Germans: What can I say about them that isn't obvious. Their sculptor is spot on with dynamic poses, uniform, and weaponry. The set includes an MG42 team, a sniper, a couple mounted figures, a panzerfaust, and an mp40 figure. The MG42 even has a ammo belt that slides into the gun and is supported by the second figure. This set fits in well with all existing German sets and fills in some holes, especially with the mounted figures.

The Pegasus Russians: Very innovative. For only $15, you get 12 poses, with no duplicates. In my book, that's like the best deal ever. There is a bit of assembly required, mostly glueing on arms, weapons, and heads, but it only took me a few minutes. Had to straighten out a few of the pieces, but a little boiling water did the trick. Very awesome set! If you do any Eastern Front setups, this is a must have.

Black Cat Russians: I'm not way into Napoleonics right now, but this is such a nice looking set, that I wanted it just to show off. The sculpting is on size with the likes of Conte and TSSD. The figurse are full, and with their packs and weapony, look rightfully bulky. The poses are perfect and natural looking. My favorite thing about them is the type of plastic used. It's very pliable, and came out of the bag bent all over the place, but a little boiling water fixed everything. The figures are durable with no chance of breakage, and that is always a big plus. They remind me of TSSD figures in that regard.

Still waiting for the Conte Spartans to be released, but these three sets should keep me busy till they arrive. This package was sort of to get me through not being able to go to the Texas Show this weekend. I really thought we might make it down, but as is so often the case, things come up where you can't get away.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend and enjoys their Decoration / Memorial Day.

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