Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Scenic Pieces

I'm usually all about more figures, but every once in awhile, new scenics catch my attention. At the Indianapolis show, Ron Barzso and Jim Clouse were debuting their new modular river system. They had it displayed with their Robin Hood Castle display, and it really stood out as being top-notch. They are now available through their website for $15 apiece (2 for $30).

Pegasus Hobbies is also offering some new pieces, and for really nice prices too. Fences, rock walls, another modular river set, sandbags, oil drums, boxes, crates... everything a good battleground needs. You can see them at the TSSD website (scroll down a bit past the new figures.)

Right now I've got my pre-order in for the new TSSD Germans, along with a few other items I missed including the Blackcat Napoleonics, and the Pegasus Russians. I've also got my pre-order in with Conte for a full set of the Scarlet colored Spartans. Hopefully they don't all become available at the same time. My checking account would never forgive me. And dangit, don't ya know that the ole' federal government would direct deposit that stimulus package into my wife's account!!

Speaking of the new TSSD Germans, I'm still waiting to see some good pictures of them. There is a post over at the Hobby Bunker forums that talks about the different poses, but more pictures besides the sniper have yet to be posted. But how can you not expect that the whole set is going to rock? The sculpting done by TSSD's sculptor is always awesome.

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