Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Pictures at TSSD

Four of the new TSSD poses are available for your perusal at their website. Mounted Germans, eh? Very different, very unique. It LOOKS like his shooting arm is a plug-in. That might make it easier to replace it with a different arm to allow for a quick conversion if needed. I just love the late war look to these figures so far. Tattered clothing and assorted weapons. Makes for interesting setups. You know what would go good with these, that Pegasus 1/72 scale of late war German Civilians, except bumped up to our 1/32. Just an idea. I've been dying for a good set of WWII civilian fighters for awhile now, either Russian, French, or German.


Felix said...

I agree on the civilians/partisans - that would be very cool. I see Pegasus has a nice 1/32 metal set with 2 US airborne together with a french resistance fighter - it's on the Minuteman site.
The other thing I'm waiting for is a decent set of 1/32 WW2 French infantry. Marx is the only brand I have seen and they're OK I suppose, but a bit limited. I could try converting some Armies in P. WW1 guys I guess...

Felix said...

Sorry, meant patriot not Pegasus. Doh.