Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pulling a Spartan out of your Hat

The Field of Spartans just got a little more crowded. Hat has listed Greek Hoplites and Persian Immortals as future projects on their 1/32 page. This might give the average collector a way to bolster their "300" without having to take out a mortgage on their home to get 43 packages of the Conte figures. Man, what would I do with 300 Greeks?? I'm not exactly sure I would have enough room on my table for 300 figures. Plus, however many Greeks you have, you probably need twice as many Persians!!! I'd probably have to relocate from my table to my driveway!

Speaking of Persians, has anybody heard whether Conte is planning on doing the poseable thing wth the Persians. I hadn't really thought about it, but I assume they would... but haven't heard anything. I'd imagine that the costs are very high to produce the poseable figures, and you would have to wonder if the Persians will sell nearly as well as the Spartans will.

Ok, lets see... a little fanciful math for ya... say you wanted 300 Conte Spartans. With 7 Spartans per card, at let's say $23 per card, thats $989. And, according to my woefully misguided logic, you will now need twice as many Persians as you need Spartans. That's 600 Immortals. $989 times 2 equals $1,978. Add in what you paid for those Spartans, and you have a grand total of $2,967. This does not include the 4 proposed terrain pieces to be released later in 2008. Hmmm... Time to start finding a second job.

Now, before anyone gets too concerned about my mental status, I WILL NOT be buying 300 Spartans, nor will I need 600 Persians. One of each card will suffice most likely. But having Hat throw their... erm... hat into the ring will add to the possibilities, as long as size difference isn't too much of an issue.


Anonymous said...

Hey Check out Conte's can get Spartan cards at $20 each if you preorder and you can pay even less on subsequent cases.....the price goes down on 2nd, 3rd and later cases// so your math is way off........and considering how spectacular these figures are they are priced well below where they could have been priced..either that or other plastic manufacturers are charging far too much for their 2 dimensional lacklustre efforts

Beau said...

Thanks for stopping by. Yes, my math was off. I think (I can never remember for sure) that I posted this before the finalized prices were announced for the Conte figures.

I agree that the price is a fair one. Some, even most would disagree, but for the quality of sculpts, and the innovation of posability, I'd say it's worth it. Can't wait to get mine in the mail.