Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Spartan Scenics from Conte

I don't know how long this has been posted at their site, but I just saw what Conteco has planned for 2008 in their Spartan line (look on left side of page). Besides the upcoming Spartans, and teh projected release of the Persians in late 2008, they are also showing several more pewter sets and... terrain pieces that will include The Hot Springs, a two-part Phocian Wall, and Xerxes tent. I wonder if this will mean a playset sometime down the road for us plastic collectors. For me, Ancient themed playsets would probably be more valuable than WWII or Civil War themed playsets. For both of those eras, duplicate figures are simply not needed at this stage of my collecting. I can fill up my table with over two hundred Germans and never duplicate a pose. Same situation with Civil War.

Ancients on the other hand.... Something like the Spartan Phalanx, you need a bunch of figures to make it look right. And Persians.... You're going to need boatloads of them. Heck, I'll probably chuck in some ancients from other companies just to round out the army. So, if Conte does decide to do a playset for the 300 Spartans, you can count me in. This is one theme where I say bring it on.

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Anonymous said...

The Haradim ( spelling) sets from Play Along toys "Lord of the Rings" figures made a few years back would make excellent Persians.
Herald/Britains made plastic 54mm Trojans in the ealry 70's but I don't think they were recast. Atlantic made 60mm Trojans and Greeks but again not recast. Not much out there for Ancient Greeks.