Sunday, March 18, 2007

More Comparisons

For your viewing pleasure, I've set up four similar german poses from four different brands. You can probably ID them for yourself, but in case any of them are unfamiliar, we have, from left to right: TSSD, 21st Century, Conte, and Forces of Valor. I've painted both the 21st Century and the FoV to match my other figures.

One of the most obvious differences I see is that the 21st Century figure is a bit more spindly and has a bit longer neck than the rest of them. At first glance, you almost think he's 1/35 scale, but in a comparison like this, you can see that he actually is up to 1/32.

Another thing I notice is the good movement sculpting in all of them. To my eye, they all look very realistically posed. They are all animated nicely, and none have that "tin soldier" feel to them.

The three figures on the left of the picture carry the MP40 submachine gun. The Conte and 21 Century guns look very similar, but the TSSD looks a bit longer, a bit more heavier, and to my untrained eye, a bit more in scale. Now, forgive my lack of knowledge, but having only held an MP40 a handful of times, I can't say which is more accurate.

The FoV figure is, by large, the most muscular of them all. And here, that's not too much of a problem since he's carrying the MG34. You'd have to be pretty built to be waggin' that thing around all day. But unfortunately, the entire series of the WWII FoV have the same muscular build, leaving them a little "odd" looking... almost, well, chubby at times. Painting them a solid color, covering up the flesh colored paint, seems to remedy this just a bit.

I think a lot of people don't like to mix brands like this, but I think once you've matched them in color close enough, they work fine together.

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