Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Conte FAQ updated, mentions TSSD and new Persians

Ok ok, so it's mostly talking about METAL Spartans and Persians, but us plastic guys can hold out hope that somewhere, floating in the murky shadows behind the fine pewter, are the plastic sets. Anyway, it shows a nice picture of one of the sculpted persians. And that's all good and interesting, but for us gossip hounds, it gets real interesting once he starts talking about his Alamo plans and the piece that TSSD just put out.

I would applaud both companies for tackling the same subject, or any subject for that matter. As far as 1/32 is concerned, we should really be happy with ANYTHING from ANYBODY. Options are something that we don't have a lot of in this hobby, so two alamo pieces that are similar is a good thing in my book. Granted, I'm not really an Alamo guy, so my dog ain't in this fight.

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