Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ever been to Mars?

This is super cool. It's a panoramic of Mars that makes you feel like you're standing on the surface turning in a circle. I love this kind of thing.


lvo said...

Hey Beau, the interactive view of this is really awesome! not only can you scroll left and right, but also up and down! pretty cool... It actually makes you consider the possibility of mankind living there... then you remember about the temperature, the atmosphere, the lack of liquid water, etc... and you get back 'down to earth' :-)
thanks for sharing this gret pic (even if it is unrelated to toy soldiers)

Beau said...

Glad you liked it. If you go to the root domain site, there are a whole bunch of different places that you can choose from. Try one that is looking from the top of a tall building, it'll make ya dizzy!!