Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Emhar Vikings

I just saw on the last Michtoy newsletter that the Emhar Vikings were back in stock. I never got these, as I was a little worried that they were going to be 1/35 rather than 1/32. Also, I wasn't totally pleased with the plastic they used to make their WWI figures. Now, don't get me wrong, WWI figures of any sort are a welcome addition, but the plastic just didn't do it for me. So if anyone already has them, let me know what you think of them. I might get lucky and find them in stock at my local hobby store. They still carry the WWI sets.


eborris said...

I saw the Vikings at the Indy show, they are comparable to the Marx Vikings, I found the plastic to be a little stiff.

Wayne said...

I don't like the EMHAR/IMEX plastic myself. I have to order everything through the mail and was disgusted when my IMEX 2nd Series Confederates came with half the rifes busted due to shipping. I also colled 1/72nd scale figures and bought their Vikings in that scale and had several of them break trying to take them off the sprues with my X-acto knife. I love their quality but hate the plastic. I pretty much boycott them now and take every opportunity I can to let them know. I've e-mailed them with my complaint and received a fairly snotty reply that they were sticking to the plastic because it was supposedly gluable and paintable. I guess those of us who just like to "play" with our soldiers are out of luck. Well, I've let off my steam here. Thanks, Wayne from Alabama

Anonymous said...

When removing figures and/or parts from the runner, try a small wire cutter. This works best for me and leaves the figure/part undamaged. Then trim the remainder from the base bottom/part with exacto or other blade tool.