Thursday, October 2, 2008

Silver and Gold (go ahead, sing it, yes, the christmas song)

Ok, so it ain't really gold, but rather bronze. Conte will be shipping their newly colored Spartans shortly. I saw some at OTSN and talked to Joe Baker. Real nice guy. The new colors look great, though I couldn't bring myself to order any. I'll probably pick up a few of the blister packs, but not all of them. Too Much $$$$.

I did ask him about the Persians. He wouldn't say for sure, but as far as he knew that they were still coming in plastic, but some work was still being done on them to get them just right. Like everything I assume, future products will depend heavily on our economy and the markets.


Anonymous said...

He (Joe) didn't mention anything about any other upcoming plastic releases?

Beau said...

Nope, but then again, I didn't ask. I was mostly interested in Persians.