Thursday, October 9, 2008

Identity Theft

We've been struck!! Somebody decided to buy a new Dell Computer. Personally, I wouldn't have gone with Dell, unless it was the XPS M1730. It actually looks pretty good!! Anyway, whoever thought they needed this new computer decided to do it under my wife's name. Actually, they used her maiden name, like I don't even exist!! Jeez, thanks a lot mister Identity stealer. Next time you steal an identity, try to use an up-to-date one. moron....

Dell caught it, but not before they actually set up the card and ran a credit score, and so on and so forth, which is a bummer, cause we were actually looking at a bank loan soon. Not sure if this will hurt our chances or not. And now we have to file police reports, sign affadavits, and check with our banks to make sure they haven't tried anything else fishy. Blah. What a bother.

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jac28 said...

Beau - sorry to hear about the identity theft! I've had similar experiences twice in the last few years.. Once someone got my PayPal account info and went nuts and more recently someone got my bank debit card number! and also went nuts... I got both situations straightened out eventually - but I dropped my PayPal account altogether.. hope everything gets fixed soon.