Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Imex Finally!

Hey Ya'll,

TSSD has an announcement up on their website about Imex finally releasing their Alamo Mexicans within the next few weeks!! Those figures have been under the "Coming Soon" heading forever it seems. My only concern is the type of plastic that will be used. If they are going to be done like the last Confederates, in a very stiff, fragile plastic, it'll be hard to justify the purchase. Hopefully they go back to the hard, but still durable plastic of their first Civil War figures.

It looks like there will be Infantry as well as Cavalry. Those of you who dig the Alamo (and I know there are a few of you), will be grateful for more Mexican poses I'm sure, especially of mounted figures.



Whats the prob with the pèlastic.By the way do you reply to comments?

Beau said...

Hey Fixed Bayonet,

As far as Imex Plastic, their recent sets have been made of very hard, and some would say fragile, plastic. Seems their new Mexicans are the same way, and done in a bright shiny red to boot!

I answer comments when I see them get posted. Been pretty busy lately, usually just have time to jump on and post a couple times a week. Feel free to email me directly anytime you want to chat.


John Mooney said...

Nice to see a Toy Soldier Blog by a fellow Collector. The Imex Confederates were fragile but designed well.
As we dont see many Alamo figs on my side of the Atlantic, I am looking forward to them. Hopefully Cavalry and Infantry (and hako and round hat)
A link to my Toy Soldier site (below)

Beau said...

Hey John, thanks for visiting! Yea, not many troops for the alamo out there. Have you got the Conte Mexicans. They are by far the best sculpted.

I checked your site, that's a nice collection of vintage figures!

Take Care,

John Mooney said...

Hi Beau,
About one third of my figures are ACW. My main interest is ACW but I keep getting distracted into buying and painting up soldiers from other periods.
This year for Christmas I have bought in some new Italeri Napoleonic Austrians and ordered up BMC figures (Mexicans, Custer and Indians). This is how I make sure I get the right presents for Christmas LOL
Ive seen Conte figures but I think they look a bit bigger than standard 1/32 figures.
In 2009 I intend to buy more BMC and Barszo.