Sunday, September 28, 2008

OTSN 2008 Report

Hey All, just got back from Chicago. It was an awesome trip. I snapped a few pictures, but not many. I was too busy diggin' through buckets, and browsing the new stuff. You can probably read full reports on other sites, but let me tell ya, this was one of the best shows I have been to. Barzso's new items were Above and Beyond!! The Fort, Daniel Boone Playset, and the Abbey were amazing. I came home with the playset, and told Santa to put me down for the rest.

TSSD was there with their fine products, including a preview of their new Civil War arty set. Plus they sold me several houses and bunker pieces, all of which my wife wants to paint up (my wife is awesome). I got to talk to Steve Weston as well. I've wanted to buy the adobe Church from him for awhile, but he didn't have one last year. He remembered me and brought one this year, which I snatched right up. It's just a stellar piece that will fit in well with all the Barzso adobe pieces.

And of course, I had to cruise by the Hobby Bunker booth... several times. They were really hoppin'. They had some great new foam pieces which were calling to me. You can see pictures of one of them here.

Meh, it's late, and I'd rather be playing with my stuff that typing. So more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Beau for posting. I'm in Australia and enjoy the news from those who can make it to the show.
Neil A

Beau said...

Hey Neil, thanks for commenting. It really is an awesome show, but I can understand the frustration of not being able to attend. I always mean to take more pictures, but pictures just ain't my thing. Next year, I'll give my wife the camera right off, so she can snap away.

Christian Bagan said...

No pictures available of that TSSD civil war artillery-set? Or do you know where it can be seen?

Anonymous said...

What is the form tech house with the five gables?

Beau said...

It's a new building front that Hobby Bunker has done up. Not sure who sculpted it, I'd imagine one of the Hobby Bunker guys, but that is just a guess. Didn't see anybody else selling them. It is pretty cool. My wife really like it and wanted to paint it. It will go with many different eras, though to me it looks Civil War or Colonial more than anything.