Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New TSSD Playset

Toy Soldiers of San Diego have packaged together some items to create a "Road to Berlin" playset. While many probably already have the main components included in the set, as a stand alone it looks really nice. It includes painted Artillery pieces, lots of scenics including what I would assume to be the new Pegasus stuff (I could be wrong on that), and American, Russian and German troops. They are selling it all for $169 at OTSN, which sounds like a pretty good price!! If you don't have any TSSD stuff, you should get it.

The Pegasus scenic pieces are definitely going to be on my radar this Sunday in Chicago. I've thought it looked good ever since it was first shown. The river looks especially cool. I'm also interested in the Barzso painted river sections. The Barzso pieces are a little pricier, but knowing past Barzso product, they are going to be top notch.

Look forward to seeing and talking to folks at the show this Sunday. You'll recognize me cause I'll be with the hot chick (my wife).

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