Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In Response...

Decided just to answer Christian's question here instead of in the comments section. According to Nick from TSSD, his new Civil War arty set is supposed to be released around Thanksgiving. You can see pictures at Playset Magazine's show report. They are about halfway down the page. I reckon TSSD will post some pictures on their website soon. They are good about keeping it up to date. They look great up-close. Some of their finest sculpting yet, and they were getting a lot of attention while I was standing there.


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Christian from Sweden said...

Hi Beau, thanks for your reply and the link to the pictures, it looked very promising. However the figures looked rather "rebelish" in their appearance. Will the set also include the artillerypiece itself?
Also nice to see that there seemed to be more cavalry from TSSD on its way.