Sunday, January 20, 2008


First off, I mentioned in a post below that I read on the Conte site that they had actually received the plastic Spartans. whoops. I didn't really read that. My excitement got the better of me. It said they were expecting the shipment, not that they had actually gotten it. my bad. I called, but didn't realize they were only open Mon-Fri.

My Wal-Mart still had the same stuff, 3 packs of 21st Century figures, the Russian mini playsets, and some Airplanes. Didn't seem like much of it has sold.

My wife and I have started the TV show "Lost", starting with Season 1. I think it's rockin', and it has a nice toy soldier scene in it.

It's a slow day around here today, and I'm going to be painting some figures and try finishing up the Hobby Bunker building I bought in Chicago. It's going to be a awesome when it's done, and then I'll need another one to go along with it.

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