Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Need a Ride?

Over at Ebay, there is a auction going on for 31 Timmee trucks. These are always popular and usually get high bids. But 31 of them? Wow. That was a major collection of Timmee stuff. I don't have one myself. I'm holding out till I find one in a garage sale or the like. I just can't bring myself to battle it out on Ebay and pay usually over $10 for one. But the winner of this auction is going to have a fun time setting all those trucks up.


Wayne: The Old All American said...

Those are some pretty trucks. I used to have a couple when I was a kid but who knows where they are now. I can feel your pain about trying to get one or two on ebay. I keep hoping someone will get the molds and reproduce them like they do just about everything else. I just have a problem paying ten bucks for a toy I used to see at the old "dime" stores for fifty cents! Maybe a Hong Kong company will get the molds and start selling them at WalMart.

Maybe Santa will bring me some next Christmas? :-)

Glad to see you active on the site again. I always enjoy your comments, even if I don't always respond, Wayne

lvo said...

Well, looks like the action closed without any bids... you might have gotten them for whatever the reserve price might have been!