Wednesday, January 23, 2008

21st Century

I picked up a couple sets of 21st Century figures on Ebay today. I've always liked their figures, and ALMOST have a complete set of them. I'm missing the recently released Italians, and a few of the "support" figures that came along with some vehicles and heavy weapons. The ones I picked up today were the British series 2 and the German series 5. I believe these came out at the same time, but never showed up at any stores around me. I'm afraid the Italians will be much the same, and I'll have to scour ebay to find a cheap set.

I remember seeing advertisements for British Paras and U.S. Marines awhile back from 21st Century, but haven't heard anything since. Hopefully they are still in the hopper. The British paras looked especially nice. (I think there is a forum thread about these two sets over at Treefrog Treasures somewhere if you want pictures.)


lvo said...

Hey Beau,
About the 21C italians check with George Guerreiro at Minute Men Toy soldiers
His pricing is reasonable and he usually waives the S&H charges. I think he is selling the tialians for $8. It will likely beat Ebay...

Beau said...

Hey Ivo,

Thanks for the link, that is a good price. He has both the new Germans and Italians for $8 a set. I'll hit him up for both of those soon.