Friday, January 25, 2008

Nice Pictures

The webmaster over at Conte has put up a couple of really nice Civil War pictures. These are of the Iron Brigade in the Cornfield at what I assume to be Antietam. Very Cool pictures.

Several years ago, my reenactment unit was able to portray the 2nd Wisconsin at the 135th anniversary of Antietam. It was early morning, still pitch black, dense fog covered everything, and we started a full on charge into the was great till we actually hit the corn and realized that this wasn't 1860's corn; this was modern, genetically modified, hybrid corn. You can imagine: several hundred tired reenactors, pitch black, trying to bust through this corn that simply would not give. When we finally reached the other side of the field, it was so foggy, we still couldn't see anything. There was SUPPOSED to be a whole regiment of confederates waiting for us... and then BANG BANG BANG. The entire confederate regiment openned up on us from about 20 yards away, hidden by the dark and the fog. I think everyman in the company took a hit. Fun times.

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