Thursday, July 10, 2008

We Never Get Tired of ACW

If I had to guess, the road to riches in the toy soldier industry is lined with American Civil War sets. You could probably take all the Rev War guys, WWI guys, Alamo guys, Modern guys, Western guys, Napoleonic guys, Ancient guys, put them in a room together, and they still wouldn't outnumber all the Civil War fanatics out there. I think we can all agree that WWII and Civil War are the most popular topics for Toy Soldiers, and I'd be willing to bet a whole $10 that Civil War probably comes out on top. (Hey, $10 is a lot of money these days. It's almost half the cost of a new Conte set.)

Sooooo...., I think it's a smart move for Conte to bring out a new Civil War line. They have the beginnings of it posted on their blog, and might I say that Zouaves are cool! If they can do for Zouaves what they have done for American G.I.s and their soon to be released Spartans, that'll be great for us ACW collectors. WARNING: 4 Zouave poses don't help anybody. Zouaves fought as entire regiments, not as single troopers in a line of regular sack coated soldiers. I know it'll be more expensive, but I am a fan of really doing a series up right rather than piece parting it.


Anonymous said...

If this is true about ACW which I don't doubt you why are they not better represented on the toy soldier forums? Shiloh

Beau said...

I would venture that only a small portion of the collecting community take an active role in posting on forum boards. When you see the lines that stretch down the hallways at OTSN, and the massive amounts of people wandering around room trading, and consider that these are only the people that are able to make it to the shows, you can get an idea of how large our collecting community is. And that far outpaces the maybe 100 to 200 (that number is a total guess) people who are "regulars" on the various forum boards.

But then again, I may be totally off on saying that ACW is most popular.