Sunday, July 20, 2008

Updates to Hat Greeks

At the Hat forum you can see the latest updates to their upcoming greek line, along with a Persian sculpt. The Greek poses look good, and should really help to bulk out the line. No, they may not be as detailed as the Conte Spartans, but hopefully we will be able to buy them in larger quanities, and really fill up a table. Same with the Hat Persians. Plus, who knows when the Conte Persians will be released. Like I've said before, anything ancient that isn't a Greek will probably suffice for Persians for a long time. Marx Vikings, Celtics, Mongols, Normans, Indians, Aztecs... well, I may have to draw the line somewhere.

It's crazy how the year has sped by, and again, OTSN is creeping up on us. Usually at OTSN, we get all sorts of cool new things. Ron Barzso usually has something new, TSSD always has cool stuff, if not a new figure set, and Mr. Conte usually pulls a few surprises out of a bag as well. Plus, last year he was having some crazy sale prices on plastic. It's only two months away. I still haven't convinced myself that I'm going. If I go, it can only be for Sunday because of a wedding. The most fun is to be had during the days and evenings running up to it. I always like talking to the dealers, fellow forum boarders, and random people that I meet while digging through 50 cent buckets.

So yea, I'll probably go.

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gazupp said...

to heck with conte the figures are 65mm not 54 beware!
bravo goes to Hat!