Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wal-Mart moved my Cheese

I walked into my Wal-Mart tonight, and of course headed straight for the toy aisle. I about fell over from shock to see that entire side of the store empty!!! Not just empty shelves, but NO SHELVES AT ALL!!!

I got panicky for a moment. Changing my little Wal-Mart routine troubled me more than I realized it could. For years I have walked into that Wal-Mart entrance, turned right, passed the Ovaltine display, turned back left, turned right at the Hot Wheels and travelled to the 21st Century section, and from there rounded the corner to find the Star Wars figures. It was habit, it was routine, it was almost ritual.

Of course, I did find the new toy section a few minutes later, and the hyperventilating ceased. They have actually upgraded the new toy section and it's going to be really nice once they are all done. Nothing new in the 21st Century section, but let's just be thankful they are still there.

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