Monday, May 21, 2007

Tack Putty to Keep em' Standing

Conte's flag bearers are some of the nicest and most useful poses that came in their ACW sets. Wonderful sculpting, lots of detail, great flag motion, but dang it, after a few years of sitting on my shelf, they can't quite support themselves anymore. Both of these tip to the left and won't stand up. After some experimenting with different things, I've found that Elmer's Tack Putty works really well to fix them up. It's the blue stuff you hang posters with so that you don't have to use tape or push pins. Really cool stuff. Plus, you can remove it and reform it anytime you want. The only color I've found of it is blue, which works great for the Union figures. But I'd like to find a different color to work with the Confederate pose. Maybe a white would work if they don't make gray. But for now, it works, and gets these figures back into battle.


Greg said...


Found your site a few weeks back, and really enjoy it! Recently got back into toy soldiers when I decided to give my six year old son my old Guns of the Navarone Set for his seventh B-Day. It was a hit with him, and it rekindled something in me as well. Been earnestly picking up TSSD sets now, and in two months should be caught up with the first 9 figure sets. Like you, I'm really hoping that Set # 10 will be a Confederate Artillary set. That would rock! After that, I'll probaby start picking up some Barzso. Anyway... I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

Beau said...

Hey Greg! Glad you enjoy the site. You'll love all the TSSD sets, and man, Barzso's stuff is great. If you can spring for it, the Tripoli set is wonderful. And believe me, once Barzso sets get sold out, they become hard to get. Rock on, and thanks for the kind words!